Is paper Just Paper? Take a look at this post.

Is paper Just Paper? Take a look at this post.

There’s many ways to sharpen your image to present the best possible looking capture, through editing and photo software. Usually speaking however simply adjusting the contrast and sharpening the image doesn’t always translate to sharp print.

There are many factors from resolution and scale that could affect the image once printed. When you are working with images with the intention of print, one of the overlooked factors is having the correct quality of paper can sharpen your color image.

If you haven’t already doing the proper research on the paper you are using can net huge results when it comes to quality. Most people are downright shocked when they see the professional quality of your inkjet printing jobs when you use the proper paper.

Having different thickness and ways in which the ink interacts with it, paper can be the biggest determining factor in your print quality. Here are a few factors you need to consider when trying to improve your image through output sharpening.

Gloss Finish – Color rich and crystal clear, gloss finish can give your image vibrant detail. Shiny and with a glossy photo lab texture, this paper can also be called soft gloss or high gloss.

Matte Finish – Softer tones and less reflective, matte finish is also thicker and specially formatted for photo images. Without the texture you will find in high gloss or glossy finish, this kind of paper can also deliver stunning text detail.

Photo paper – Coming in standard sizes and precut for those with wider requirements, some even feature quick drying laminate coatings. This increases the contrast and greatly sharpens your print because of the properties inherent in its design.

These are usually one sided because they are meant to be printed one way. Make sure you are using your photo paper correctly before output.

Other types of photo paper can also increase the longevity of your photo and can also be treated for water and light resistance.

Paper is rated by weight to determine the thickness and durability of what’s in your ream. Typical office use paper is usually within 20#, and paper with more weight can lend a professional feel to your print.

Photo paper also comes in various thickness, and combined with the right gloss can really increase the sharpness of your print.

With less ink bleed and high visual appeal, make sure to check your printer documentation to ensure you are within the manufacturer specifications.

Brightness is also another factor depending on your color image, and this represents how bright or white the paper looks naturally.
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