Copier / Printer Service Agreements

Copier / Printer Service Agreements

Having a service plan on your Multi-Function Copier

When your multi-function copier requires some maintenance or proper servicing, there’s a lot to be gained by having a service plan for your machine. Copiers that combine the services of a printer, copier, fax machine and scanner can be highly complex and diverse.

This makes the job of maintaining or repairing your copier an increasingly difficult one, and isn’t cheap. Many times the services of a copier repairman can easily be as much as a replacement multi-function copier, but this doesn’t have to be a problem for your business.

To protect your investment, having a service plan on your Multi-Function copier can really save you money. This is another reason why many people opt to lease their copier instead of buying one. Because the equipment isn’t really yours, the burden of maintenance and operational repairs are conducted by the leasing company.

Most service plans are comprehensive agreements that cover most of the maintenance that keeps your copier operational. Many of these steps are preventative and can be performed by yourself or someone in your company.

Small steps like unplugging your copier overnight or dusting the machine can help prevent the crucial problems that can plague your copier. Cleaning your feed rollers and removing lint and contaminants can prevent paper jams or drum problems.

If you have decided to buy a multi function copier, these steps are crucial to keeping your copier and business on track. When applied to your copier, you can extend the life of your machine and keep your maintenance costs down.

Service agreements are arranged per bono or even as a monthly charge. When paying a monthly fee for maintenance, make sure you are not wasting money for services that you don’t need. Because most service plans are adjustable or tailored to fit your copier usage, this can really reduce the fees associated with copier service.

For people who don’t want to bother with the minute details, an all-inclusive plan might be the best course of action. Because there’s a fixed price per copy and the policy extends to everything regarding your copier (except paper) all-inclusive plans may sound appealing.

Coverage can include 24 hour response and any number of options can help you craft the perfect service plan that best suits your budget and business. Making sure your copier is operational is a huge step to maintaining the day to day flow of your business, and keeps you profitable.

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